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Governance Automation in Microsoft 365

The primary goal of this article is to educate IT executives on the roles and capabilities of governance automation tools in Microsoft 365 (M365). You may also be interested in our companion white paper: Microsoft 365 Governance Automation Tools Report. This paper offers a detailed analysis – including a feature-by-feature comparison of the all MicrosoftContinue reading “Governance Automation in Microsoft 365”

Distributed Logic Corp. Partners with ReplaceMagic

Every so often we come across a technology that we know will make a fast and positive impact for our clients and our work. We’re excited to announce that we’ve found such a technology and partner in ReplaceMagic, a software built to address an often overlooked issue: broken document links that surface after a SharePointContinue reading “Distributed Logic Corp. Partners with ReplaceMagic”

Timing is everything: how to achieve efficient intranet builds and roll-outs

Having a clean and powerful intranet is a “must have” for organizations. It’s where employees stay up to date, communicate, and access important information such as policies, procedures, forms, documents, and templates. The intranet is also a pivotal part of defining and instilling company culture and collaboration across departments and geographies. At Distributed Logic, weContinue reading “Timing is everything: how to achieve efficient intranet builds and roll-outs”

Collaborative Design: are the right stakeholders at the intranet table?

We have all been part of projects that get stuck in loops of feedback. It’s a painful place to be, and it’s the primary reason that we developed our Collaborative Design stage for intranet builds. It’s a crucial step to avoid going down the path of the endless project. Whether the intranet build is intricateContinue reading “Collaborative Design: are the right stakeholders at the intranet table?”


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